Martin Marsoeki jr.
Believe me, this was true last night, Tho' it is false today.

Update :17/10/2017 @ 08:21 AM


Member of The Internet Defense League


It is with the utmost respect for the UZN, its visionary founder and subsequently each and everyone who positively contributed to the beautiful thing called Hip Hop that I humbly come to you today by means of this letter drafted by a trusted friend of mine according to my own wishes and stipulations due to the fact that lucent one to one communication especially in times of my personal distress never was nor will be my strong suit.

Having said that I heavily hearted weighed in every aspect that ultimately culminated into my verbal outburst at last week's event in Almere (Netherlands)  where Hip Hop at one point had become a one man's show and I as a witness inadequately called out my for my brothers and sisters to not only step forward on stage to jointly denounce such a disgraceful manifesto of the ego but to defend that what historically never was meant to be a celebration of just one.

And regardless of the fact that my heart and love for the UZN and Hip Hop in general are undisputed and regardless of the fact that I still feel lost and abbandoned I have to offer all of you my sincererest appology for my act was untactful and in hindsight unworthy. 

Therefore I wish to annull my membership forthwith but in my own way will continue to vigorously support the culture in peace as I have done on day one pushing 30 years.

Martin Marsoeki jr.



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